7 Trends You May Have Missed About Anderson road construction companies

Established in 1946, Pickens Brothers was formed and specialized in grading. Harold Pickens, Sr. purchased the interest from his brother Fred Pickens in 1948 and the name of the business was changed to Harold Pickens Building Company. From 1948 through 1956, the company concentrated on highway building jobs.

In 1956 Harold Pickens, Jr. (Drew) signed up with the firm. The company ceased grading and highway building to specialize in utility building and construction. The name of the business was changed to Harold A. Pickens & Sons. Robert (Bobby) Pickens joined the business in 1959 and William (Billy) Pickens became a member of the company in 1961. When Harold Pickens, Sr. died in 1961 the three kids took control of management of the business. The business continued to focus on grading, storm drain, concrete curb, stone base, and paving.

Today, Pickens Building, Inc. is owned by William B. Pickens, Jr., who has actually been utilized with the business given that 1985, after finishing from Clemson University with a BS degree in Economics. The business focuses on the exact same principles that it was established on in 1945.

The concepts of the business are William B. Pickens, Jr.-President and Phillip Crocker-Chief Estimator. There are over 65 years of combined experience between them in asphalt paving building.
Greenville, SC uses asphalt in numerous roadway building and construction and other infrastructural jobs. Asphalt is among the most frequently utilized road construction products in the city. One of the most typical asphalt projects in Greenville, SC is driveway building and construction. This is primarily since residential houses have their own personal driveways. Many residents of Greenville, SC utilize asphalt to build their private driveways. This is mainly since asphalt is relatively low-cost, extremely long lasting, and 100% recyclable. Asphalt driveways are also very beautiful to look at due to the glossy dark rich color of asphalt.

Another benefit of using asphalt to construct Greenville driveways is that the material needs very little care and maintenance. You will still need to take some great care and to keep your asphalt driveway in the proper way in order to prolong its life time. Some of the things that you need to do to preserve your asphalt driveway in Greenville, SC are:
As you can see, you will have to employ an expert to do some of these upkeep activities. The excellent news is that Pickens Building offers all these services at an affordable rate in Greenville, SC. Although asphalt is among the strongest and most durable building products in the world, there are numerous elements that present a serious threat to its structural integrity and durability. Today we are going o appearance at a few of these hazardous aspects and how you can secure your asphalt driveway in Grenville, SC from them.
Direct Sunshine

Asphalt is quickly damaged by direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can trigger a lot of damage to your asphalt driveway in Greenville, SC. But there is a very reliable solution to this problem. Using a protective sealant every 2-3 years will keep the asphalt surface area protected from these harmful rays.
Standing Water

Standing water is another major hazard to your asphalt driveway. You require to ensure that the drain of your asphalt driveway is fine to prevent any standing water. Sealcoating the asphalt surface will likewise avoid water from permeating through. You should also consider utilizing porous asphalt to build your driveway to prevent this issue.
Fuel And Oil Spills

Gas and the oil utilized in your cars and truck contain all sort of damaging chemicals. These chemicals can really ruin your asphalt driveway. You need to clean up the fuel and gas spills as quickly as possible. Sealcoating will also keep these damaging chemicals away.
Appropriate Care And Maintenance Of Asphalt Roadways In Anderson, SC

Anderson, SC has numerous well-kept streets and highways. The city boasts an excellent roadway network thanks to the care and upkeep efforts of the citizens and the regional administration. Most of the roads in Anderson, SC are made of asphalt for apparent reasons. Asphalt is still the most popular products for Anderson road building. This is mainly because asphalt provides many advantages in road building and construction than all the other materials. A few of the advantages of utilizing asphalt in road building consist of:

All these advantages make asphalt a preferred roadway construction material in Anderson, SC and in the remainder of the nation. But although we have actually mentioned that asphalt needs very little care and maintenance, it still needs rather a bit of care and maintenance in order to improve its performance and ensure its longevity. There are numerous essential things that you need to do after installing a brand-new asphalt roadway in Anderson, SC. Today we are going to take a look at these post-construction activities for asphalt roads and pavements.

Wait For A Minimum Of 24 hr Prior To Driving On The New Asphalt Road

Among the most essential guidelines that you must observe after building any type of road utilizing any kind of material in Anderson, SC is that you must always provide it time to cure and dry. Asphalt is extremely popular due to the fact that it takes extremely little time to dry, which indicates less hassle to the roadway users. You can utilize a new asphalt street within 24 hours of setup. You must wait on a little bit longer during the hot weather condition. Otherwise, Additional info you need to follow the directions of the road construction contractor relating to when it's safe to utilize the new asphalt roadway.
Preventative Upkeep

This is the part that you ought to take even more seriously. These are all the important things that you must do to ensure that the life time of the asphalt road is prolonged. Let us dig right in.
Routine And Thorough Cleaning

You ought to clean up the surface area of your freshly constructed asphalt road as quickly as possible. The cleaning frequency will depend upon the weather condition and season in Anderson, SC. Do not enable leaves, mud, and other debris to collect on the asphalt road.
Regular Assessments And Timely Repairs

Require time to inspect your asphalt road for any damages. Any cracks and/or holes should be sealed and/or filled by an expert like Pickens Construction as soon as possible.
Sealing And Resealing

This is among the most important preventative upkeep activities for asphalt pavements and roadways in Anderson, SC. Sealcoating the asphalt surface with a protective sealant will avoid harmful aspects like water, ultraviolet light, and gas and oil spills from permeating and damaging the lower layers. Sealcoat the asphalt road within a year of building and construction and then reseal it every 2 years.
Thermo Striping

You need to mark the asphalt road right after roadway construction in Anderson, SC. These markers will improve security in your recently built asphalt roadway. Thermoplastic striping is really durable, cost-efficient, and highly visible. Asphalt striping conserves lives.

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